In a recent statement, Binance announced that BNB can now be purchased at CoinHere ATMs in Hong Kong and Taiwan. According to the statement, this will allow users to have greater access to the token of the world’s largest exchange.

According to Binance, the BNB token now has more than 200 use cases for users.

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Where to buy BNB at ATMs?

At the moment, the scope of the agreement is only for 2 countries in Asia. This is because how to sell litecoin from Bitcoin Profit – Bitcoin Trader vs trading 212 – how does The News Spy wallet work – close Bitcoin Code account – Bitcoin Billionaire 12 days – Bitcoin Era uk blog – buy xrp on Bitcoin Evolution uk – hsbc sepa Bitcoin Revolution – how to send btc from Bitcoin Circuit – eth eur Immediate Edge is currently the largest operator of Bitcoin ATMs and cryptosystems in that continent.
According to its statement, this was achieved thanks to the partnership between Genesis Block and Binance through CoinHere, the subsidiary of Genesis Block.

This alliance seems to be a natural combination. Given that the „aspiration“ of both companies is to bring cryptology into the mainstream and encourage growth in the industry.

Of course, the goal of the collaboration is to provide greater accessibility to BNB cryptomoney.

The agreement has made Binance Coin (BNB) easily accessible at 33 cryptographic ATMs, specifically 30 ATMs in Hong Kong and 3 ATMs in Taiwan.

This allows users to buy and sell their digital assets such as Bitcoin and BNB at ATMs quickly and easily.

The minimum purchase will be HK $500 (US$ 64.50). The ATMs will deliver BNB and other crypto-currencies in BEP2 format.

BEP2 is a predefined set of token management rules that are implemented to launch Binance Chain assets.

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Crypto ATMs
According to different reports, by March the total number of Bitcoin ATMs in the world had reached 7,143.

This represents a massive growth of 192% in 2 years. The United States has the largest number of Bitcoin ATM installations, with a total of 4,967 BATMs installed at that time.

Currently, CoinHere admits buying and selling BTC, ETH and BCH. And from now on, BNB from Binance, and with many more to come.

They also provide support for merchants who wish to adopt digital asset payment methods in their store.

Bitcoin ATMs and crypto-currencies are a great way for people to get into crypto-version.

With this agreement, Binance is facilitating and boosting the options for purchasing BNB through traditional means such as ATMs. In this way, the exchange is stimulating the adoption of its token by Asia.

The entry barrier is extremely low and, in general, most transactions are made in cash.